Kermit Murray

Roy Paul Daniels Professor of Chemistry


331 Choppin Hall

Baton Rouge, LA

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  • IUPAC Fellow
  • LSU Rainmaker Award 2017


    National Institutes of HealthNanoscale Laser Ablation Capture Mass Spectrometry for Single Cell Proteomics

    Single cell analysis is necessary because the ensemble average of cell mixtures obscures important information about human health therefore it is necessary to develop new single cell analysis techniques. Mass spectrometry is one of the most important analysis tools but technological barriers prevent sampling and imaging at the single cell level if large biomolecules such as peptides and proteins are the target analyte. The goal of this research is to develop nanometer scale sampling for mass spectrometry using near-field optics and laser ablation.

    Amount: $350844

    National Institutes of HealthSingle Cell chemical Imaging via nanoscale IR ablation Mass Spectromety

    The goal of this Phase I small business technology transfer project is to develop a commercial instrument for nanoscale mass spectrometry imaging based on atomic force microscoy tip enhanced infrared laser ablation. This project involves a collaboration between LSU and Anasys Instruments, Inc.

    Amount: $176128

    National Science FoundationInfrared Laser Ambient Mass Spectrometry

    The proposed research is aimed at developing a direct ambient ionization mass spectrometry technique based on infrared (IR) laser desorption combined with electrospray ionization. This work will lead to new instrumentation and techniques for remote sampling and imaging. An infrared laser is used to desorb sample materials under ambient conditions followed by ionization of the material by interaction with an electrospray source. The goals of the research are to 1) understand and control IR laser desorption and ablation, 2) develop IR laser ablation sample transfer mass spectrometry, 3) apply IR laser ablation sample transfer to remote sampling and chemical imaging, 4) develop hands-on mass spectrometry for K-12 teaching.

    Amount: $434996



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